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Develop your business online with "My Company Online"

Millions of people are looking for a service or product that you sell. My Company Online is a simple solution to turn them into customers.
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01/05/2019 - 18:43
Christine MBENGONO
rédactrice Cameroun-online

Today, business is online. The Internet has changed the game and all sectors of activity, all areas are affected. Retail, service companies, access to healthcare, safety, aesthetics, fashion, sports and entertainment are strongly impacted by the profound changes brought about by the internet.


And you, has your company already started this crucial turning point? or you naively think that very few Cameroonians connect on the web? The numbers speak for themselves: millions of Cameroonians, among whom your potential customers connect every day to search for a product and even to buy one. Nearly 7 million Cameroonians have connected to the Internet in the year 2018, the figure could double by 2020.
You may be wondering how to integrate the web and install your business online? How to catch up with the delay you took? Or you tried unsuccessfully to start your activities on net?

Here is a starting solution to develop your business online. My Company Online is a set of turnkey solutions that will allow you to make more profit by easily and quickly recruiting customers online. How do we proceed ?

Present your products and services directly on the Internet

Concretely, being present on the Internet through a website or a blog will therefore allow you to reach your targets, closer, faster, more effectively.

Communicate with your different prospects and customers.

Indeed, you can tell them the opening hours, the address, the contacts, your hearts of trades, the achievements made.

Sell ​​all over the world.

Having your site online also allows you to dematerialize your business and make it accessible to more people around the world.

Optimize inventory management, deliveries and after sales

In e-commerce, the merchandise goes to the customer. E-commerce transactions are closed when the customer is delivered and after the legal withdrawal period that exists in many countries has expired.

Measure your Return on Investment (ROI)

With powerful analytics, you can measure how much your investment is in your strategies on the Internet.

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