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Can 2019: Indomitable lions face tonight Nigeria

The eighth-finals of the African Cup of Nations against Nigeria will be held tonight at Alexandria Stadium at 17:00; West African Time
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07/10/2019 - 13:05
oriende tchocgna

Tonight at Alexandria Stadium Cameroon will face Nigeria; to this end, many are eager to discover the effectiveness of the national selection chosen by the Dutch Clarence Seedorf. At present, no one doubts the stress of these players. It is therefore time to let Nigeria know that it is facing a strong Cameroonian team; but we do not underestimate anyone. Moreover, the meetings between the two neighboring countries, who share a long border together and who live many similarities in everyday life, create images in the subconscious that suggest two cumulative forces.

Wishing good luck and courage to both teams will be best for the moment. we wonder who will truly be the winner !!

Oriende TCHOUDJA (trainee)