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Cameroon - Maroua: a grenade explodes and kills two people

The explosion took place two days ago near a busy cabaret in the city of Maroua.
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05/22/2019 - 18:27
Christine MBENGONO
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Cameroun-Maroua : une grenade explose et tue deux personnes

Will the city of Maroua one day find its peaceful climate of yesteryear? this is the big question we are asking ourselves with regard to the macabre events that continue to bleed blood throughout the Far North region. Only a few days ago, the explosion of a grenade near a VIP cabaret in the city killed two people and injured 28 people, five of them considered very serious. The investigation opened immediately after the explosion to establish the responsibilities, has not yet rendered its verdict. Logical continuation of a general panic that has resurfaced in recent weeks, in a town of Maroua yet credited with a slight lull found in the past quarter. The resumption of these attacks gave rise to armed assaults last May 12 in the locality of GOSHI, in Mayo-Tsanaga thus causing the destruction of nearly 70 houses, a dozen shops and a church. It is to say how precarious remains the relative lull observed these days in Maroua.

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