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CAMEROON - Infant killed Muyuka: The version of the Cameroonian authorities

The Cameroonian authorities' version of the murder charges brought against the Cameroonian army in the macabre video of Muyuka's baby on May 20 last made public: It is an attempt to manipulate public opinion
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05/22/2019 - 18:17
Christine MBENGONO
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The version of the Cameroonian authorities in this "case of the baby Muyuka" was expected since the appearance on social networks of this macabre video in which a weeping lady with at his side the inert body of an infant accuses the Cameroonian military of to be the authors of this barbarous act.

In a statement released on May 22, 2019, 48 hours after the appearance of the said video, the Cameroonian government, in a statement signed by Minister René Emmanuel SADI of the communication, strongly denies the said accusations and blames the responsibility of the a villainous act to individuals belonging to a criminal armed band whose presence in this home was part of a "punitive expedition" against a now rebellious rebel. A barbaric act that would also aim to undermine the efforts of the government to bring peace and stability in this part of the country.

If the government's version reassures the non-involvement of Cameroonian soldiers in these unfortunate events, it raises a good number of concerns and questions about responsiveness but more, the government's ability to protect those Cameroonians who, like "children prodigues "have pledged to lay down their arms, thus putting their old war comrades at odds. Are these "repentants" sufficiently sheltered from possible reprisals? This is perhaps also an equation to solve, strategies to think.

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