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CAMEROON - ANGLOPHONE CRISIS : Cameroonian army accused of shooting an infant in Muyuka

In a disconcerting video an inconsolable mother with near her the inert body of her infant declares that the villainous crime would be the work of Cameroonian soldiers.
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05/22/2019 - 17:17
Christine MBENGONO
CAMEROUN-CRISE ANGLOPHONE : L’armée camerounaise accusée d’avoir abattu un nourrisson à Muyuka

It is a horrifying story in a day of celebration of the national unity of Cameroon, even as the government of Paul Biya tries to reassure the national and international opinion on his firm will to bring back through dialogue, peace and security. stability in the northwestern and southwestern regions. A story very clearly to the detriment of the Cameroonian army whose feats of arms, though regularly praised on its various fronts, have for some time suffered from such accusations, whether founded or not, such as to discredit these symbols of the security of the country. country.

Here again, the scene is disconcerting. The inert body of an infant is lying in an armchair and close to him, his mother, inconsolable delivers a story that then plunges into stupor and the greatest misunderstanding: Cameroonian soldiers would have shot the child while her mother was in another room.

 Facts and accusations with certainly heavy consequences. However, not a word on the question from Etoudi, nothing on the side of the spokesman of the government, motus and mouth sewn for the defense, not a sound of official bell has filtered until at this hour ; it is the total silence that envelops this other case indexing the army, after the accusations of rape and abuse at the very beginning of this crisis.

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