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Cameroon - May 20, 2019: The salty note that comes from the English-speaking regions

The 47th edition of the National Day of Unity will, throughout its deployment experienced various twists in the two regions in crisis, thus undermining the idea of ​​unity that must be consolidated, while, on the ground, everything suggests that it remains feverish.
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05/22/2019 - 17:02
Christine MBENGONO
Redactrice en chef
CAMEROUN-20 Mai 2019 : La note salée qui vient des régions anglophones

As time goes by, day after day, the situation in Bamenda and Buea reinforces the concerns. Officials in Yaounde more than 21 months after the beginning of the crisis, still can not Harmonize their speech on the resolution of this conflict.

The week that has ended has, once again, given the opportunity to the national and international community to perceive this kind of overlapping of the speech on the question of this crisis, between the thunderous Minister Atanga Nji, in charge of the Territorial Administration, and its Prime Minister, Joseph Dion Ngute, about the official approach to be implemented to find calm in Bamenda and Buea. For the first, no negotiations that hold with those they describe as terrorists, remarks held on the set of France 24; for the second, it is precisely the dialogue that remains the key to success for the resolution of this crisis. The Prime Minister hammered it during the eight days spent in conflict zones. This obviously reflects the great dissonance that lies within the governing apparatus, as to the ideal strategy that should adopt the state to bring peace and stability in this part of the country. A situation of the most disconcerting that comes and greatly reduce the ambitions and clamor of a whole country, which continues to intone in heart, the rallying song of a national unity that has so far remained feverish. How to speak of unity when the children of one homeland kill each other, in a war that now costs Cameroon dear. To date, no less than 2,000 people have died in the violence and other demonstrations orchestrated in the context of this conflict, 550,000 others have left their natural habitat in the direction of more socially stable localities. This year, once again, once again, the feast of unity unfortunately seems to have stumbled at the gates of barbarism and revolt in Bamenda and Buea.