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Cameroon - Boko Haram: the Minister of Defense on a working visit to the Far North region

Joseph BETI ASSOMO, Minister of Defense of Cameroon, went to bring to the soldiers at the front the message of vigilance, comfort and encouragement, against the occasions of successive attacks of the terrorist sect.
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05/23/2019 - 17:35
Christine MBENGONO
Cameroun- Boko haram : le Ministre de la Défense en visite de travail dans la région de l’Extrême Nord.

For weeks, worrying are the news that reach us from the Far North region of the country, again in the grip of repetitive and targeted attacks of the nebula boko haram. In the early morning of May 23, the Cameroonian troops were victims of an assault, launched against their position in the department of Logone and Chari. The response of Cameroon's security forces, which will follow, will lead to an important stock of weapons abandoned by the terrorists in flight. An attack that comes even while the Minister Delegate to the Presidency of the Republic in charge of Defense, makes a working visit in this part of the country, to touch the finger on the realities on the ground. So good opportunity for Joseph BETI ASSOMO, to remobilize the Cameroonian troops to be more vigilant, and strengthen the morale of soldiers on the ground. It was during a meeting held in Kousseri in the presence of all the military leaders of the region. The renewed vitality of this nebula observed in recent days, thus comes to bear a serious blow to hopes of building peace and stability, recently begun, with the gradual return of populations in their localities of origin, abandoned during months because of this crisis.

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