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Cameroon : France releases 528 million XAF for humanitarian aid

Financing agreements have been signed between the Ambassador of France in Cameroon and representatives of three NGOs to respond to humanitarian needs in the eastern regions and the Far North of Cameroon, Monday, May 06, 2019 , in Yaounde.
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05/09/2019 - 18:30
Mike Biya
Rédacteur cameroun-online

The response to humanitarian crises in Cameroon is also based on development assistance provided by partners. It is in this context that financing agreements totaling 528 million XAF, were signed in Yaounde on Monday, in favor of humanitarian needs.

The documents were initialed by Gilles Thibaut, French Ambassador to Cameroon, and the representatives of three NGOs. Together, they will lead emergency and development projects in the Far-North and East regions.

In the amount of 262 million XAF​, the first agreement was signed with the NGO "Première Urgence Internationale". The organization will act to strengthen the social cohesion and food and nutrition security of 3,600 vulnerable people. These include refugees and internally displaced persons, fleeing the violence of Boko Haram and taken care of in the Logon and Chari department, the far-north region of the country.

With an envelope of 135 million XAF​, the NGO "Care Cameroun", will strive to develop a project of economic development and territorial Far North. It will be in the form of assistance and support to the populations involved in the development of sustainable and inclusive agropastoral sectors. Promoting the creation of jobs and sustainable incomes for the socio-economic reintegration of these vulnerable populations. It will also be about facilitating their sustainable access to water, hygiene and sanitation.

The NGO "Action Contre la Faim" will benefit from an allocation of 131 million XAF​. This funding will be used to strengthen the food and nutrition security of 1100 households in the Kadey department in the East. Here, the NGO will target vulnerable populations, as well as refugees living outside the camps dedicated to their care.

"The situation in the Far North remains complicated and the humanitarian needs important, with the resumption of activities of the terrorist sect Boko Haram," said the French ambassador, during the signing ceremony of the conventions in Yaounde. A total of 1.8 million displaced people and refugees have fled violence since the Boko Haram attacks began in 2009. More than 57,000 Nigerian refugees are living in Cameroon, according to the UN.

"To this must be added the deterioration of the humanitarian situation in the eastern flank of the country. This situation requires humanitarian action, " said Gilles Thibaut. Security instability in the neighboring Central African Republic, where armed groups share power, is leading to a precarious security situation in the eastern region of Cameroon. Central African rebels making incursions to loot the property of the people. While the region, hosts thousands of Central African refugees.

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