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Cameroon : Florent Dionzi sets up "Keka Wangan"

According to our sources, the supervisor of the Regional College of Ebolowa produces on a trial basis a chocolate bar called "Keka wangan. "
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05/18/2019 - 14:04
Christine MBENGONO
Redactrice en chef

A tablet of "Keka wangan" contains 70% cocoa. The manufacture of Keka Wangan was made possible thanks to the expertise of the Lycée Agricole de Nantes. The production process of this Made in Cameroon chocolate has no adverse effect on the environment. Dionzi's initiative is appreciated by the government and cocoa farmers.

Steps are being taken to bring about the opening of an industrial unit. The manufacture of cocoa powder and butter is done in several stages. The cocoa paste, once ground, is pressed in hydraulic presses of metal filter cloths to obtain two products.

One liquid, cocoa butter, and the other solid cake, the cake. The cocoa butter will be deodorized then poured into molds to form blocks after solidification. As for the meal, it will be crushed and crushed to give the cocoa powder. Cocoa paste is also used to make chocolate.

Simply added sugar, cocoa butter and possibly milk. The basic cocoa mass is mixed with the other raw materials in a kneader. The kneading is continued until a homogeneous paste is obtained. This then goes into grinding mills.

Grinding reduces the particle size of the mass and minimizes the size of the solid particles. To give the chocolate all its melting, its creaminess and its aroma, the chocolate paste must then undergo the coating, a mechanical agitation. This operation from 12 to 48 hours. It all depends on what you are looking for.

When the conching is complete, the chocolate should be tempered to change from liquid to solid. It is thus subjected to a temperature cycle to promote a crystallization, fine and stable, cocoa butter. The brilliance of chocolate, its stability and its "brittle" depend on it. The chocolate is poured into molds to make it take the shape that you want.

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