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Ranking of the 20 personalities who have marked the Cameroonian netizens in 2018 (Part 1)

Showbiz, Politics, Football, Media, Art, Culture or Law; all these sectors of activity have stirred the web of 237 and especially thanks to leading figures and eminent actors of these sectors. Here for you, the ranking of the personalities who have made the Cameroonian netizens speak! Let’s Go !
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01/05/2019 - 13:21
Christine MBENGONO
rédactrice Cameroun-online

20 - Ahmad Ahmad

We start this ranking with, in 20th place, the sworn enemy of the Sardinards: Ahmad Ahmad.
For some Cameroonians, Ahmad is an unstable man who plays hopscotch in the brains of COCAN members. He declares that he did not see any potholes from Nsimalen airport to Etoudi's palace, he is still the one who casts doubt about the organization of the CAN 2019 and it is for him who declares that Cameroon will not organize the CAN 2019 and is skeptical about the organization of this sporting festival by Côte d'Ivoire.
For other Cameroonians on the other hand, Ahmad Ahmad is the Savior, the one who delivers Cameroon from the Utopia of an organization on time, this great festival of African football.
Between the two camps, who says true then? In any case, given the data we have collected, the date slippage will not prevent you from browsing this ranking and discover the top of the list!
Sardinard: Nickname given to the pro-Biya, by the opposition.

Sardinard: Nickname given to the pro-Biya, by the opposition.



19 - Guy Parfait SONGUE

Guy Parfait SONGUE then invited on the antennas of Canal 2, declares that he has authority to face those who direct this regime. It also suggests that the current President of the Republic, will not arrive in the presidential election.The information goes around the web, everywhere you headline: "Perfect Guy SONGUE predicts the death of Paul BIYA" "Paul Biya dies in 2018: dixit Guy Parfait SONGUE" etc.Internet users are beginning to seriously question the state of mental health of this gentleman, who wants to be an apostle and university - until the Cameroonian University declares him entitled to teach in Cameroonian campuses. Who knows !? perhaps this empowerment has already been done in the spiritual world and we do not have minds high enough to see it!Recall that at the publication of this article, Paul Biya is still alive.

18 - Mimi MEFO

« U.S Baptist missionary killed in Cameroon by the military – Family Testifies »

All from this tweet - from Mimi MEFO TAKAMBOU, Chief Editor at Equinoxe TV - considered imprudent and irresponsible by the Cameroonian Government, especially at this time they described as "delicate".The young woman is then arrested and held in custody at the central prison of New Bell (Douala). On the web, collectives are heard, citing Article 65 of the 1996 Constitution and considering that this press offense, could not be identified as a political or military offense (...). Hashtags are also growing: #FreeMimiMefo; #FreeMimi until the young woman is released on Saturday, November 10, 2018.Note that the Tweet in question has been removed.

17 - Avenir AVA

Far from being the only death of an artist in 2018, the death of Avenir AVA has particularly touched the Net surfers and the Cameroonian artistic community in particular, because the artist was cruelly torn from his family and his friends.Indeed, hit by a bullet to the head (the jaw more precisely) at the entrance of his home located in the Nkomo district in Yaounde, the artist had been admitted to the emergency room in critical condition (...)He finally bowed out on November 18, 2018 when the entire Showbiz 237 was still mobilizing to help his family (...).Why was he brutally deprived of life? We will probably never know, and the investigation is stalling as everyone demands justice.To all our vanished artists, let the land of our ancestors be light to you.

16 - Richard BONA

In terms of music, the talent of Richard Bona is well established. We would need thousands of tickets to talk about it and even that would not be enough. Basically, if you're still looking for the combined definition of "Artist-Musician-Author-Composer-Guitarist-Arranger-Performer-Producer", look no further: it's Richard Bona!However, what brings him into our rankings is not that side of him, no. But, it is his fierce fight against the regime in place and precisely, his Tweet sometimes haloed with sarcasm and puns. Tweets that have been around the web 237 and the happiness of Internet users.Find out more soon