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Sékou Touré's son, sentenced for slavery in the United States

US justice sentenced Mohamed Touré and his wife Denise Cros-Toure to seven years in prison for treating a young Guinean woman as a "slave" for 16 years
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04/25/2019 - 18:18
Mike Biya
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The son of the first Guinean President, Sékou Touré, and his wife, have been convicted of trafficking in human beings, forced labor, housing a foreigner in an illegal situation, as well as false statements to the FBI. learned, this Monday, April 22, 2019.

The federal court in Fort Worth, Texas, which pronounced the judgment, sentenced both spouses to seven years in prison. They will also spend 3 years under house arrest. In addition to paying compensation of $ 288,000 (about 153.8 million CFA francs) to the victim.

According to American justice, the young Djenna Diallo was only five years old when the 58-year-old couple brought her to the United States in 2000. For more than 16 years, the girl would have carried out daily household chores of the Touré family in their home in Southlake, Texas.

Taking care of the five children of the couple, without ever being paid. The girl would never have received medical care or school education. What American justice equates to forced labor and enslavement.

"The defendants stole her childhood and work for years, getting rich while leaving her with her suffering and an uncertain future," said Texas State Deputy Attorney General Eric Dreiband.

In August 2016, she decides to flee the home of her executioners, helped by neighbors. Once free, Djenna Diallo denounced the mistreatment of his employers. She says she was beaten, humiliated and described as "slave" and "bitch".

"Trafficking and forced labor cases are notoriously difficult to prosecute, in part because victims are often afraid to speak," said prosecutor Erin Nealy Cox. "It took a lot of courage for this young woman to tell her story during the trial," she added.

Following this overwhelming testimony, an investigation will be opened by the Federal Bureau of the Department of Diplomatic Security and legal proceedings are brought against the couple Toure who is arrested in April 2018.

When asked, Mohammed Touré said that the couple had taken steps to recognize and adopt the girl. Until the date of the trial, no proof of these steps has been made. What motivated the American justice to condemn the Guinean couple.

"The sentence sends a strong message to those who abuse and exploit individuals: you will be held responsible for your vicious acts," said Jeffrey McGallicher, special agent at the Diplomatic Security Service in Houston.

The couple is also struck by the seizure of their Southlake home, worth $ 500.00. As well as seizing their bank accounts and freezing their assets in the United States.

Touré's lawyers have already announced that they will appeal the verdict.

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