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Cameroon : MINFI declares 1.5 billion too much in secondary school

The Ministry of Finance (MINFI) produced a file of 3,366 secondary school teachers who pocketed more money than they needed when they received their pay recalls.
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04/29/2019 - 21:54
Mike Biya
Rédacteur cameroun-online

3,366 secondary school teachers are expected to repay the sum of 1.5 billion CFA francs in the state coffers of Cameroon. The teachers concerned by the measure, belong to the promotions 2012 to 2018 of the Higher Normal Schools of Cameroon. According to MINFI's Directorate General of Budget (DGB), some teachers are expected to reimburse more than 10 million CFA francs each.

Teachers have received more than 25 million after years of hard work. For the time being, it is a question of returning a good part of this money. What will happen to those who will not be able to play this game? Still, the state of Cameroon claims his money. General secondary teachers have all come from the Higher Normal Schools (ENS) since 1961 and ENS from Maroua since 2010.

The actors in technical education come from the Higher Normal Schools of Technical Education (ENSET) of Douala and Bamenda (since 2011). In the Higher Normal Schools, recruitments are based on the baccalaureate and the license. Number of teachers of technical and industrial technical colleges are trained in Schools of Teachers of Technical Education (ENIET).

Which does not give direct access to the Public Service. If initial training is provided by the Normal Schools, continuing education is guaranteed by pedagogical inspectors. Continuing education takes place during "pedagogical days". These days are held at least once a year and for a day on a theme set by the Pedagogical Inspectorate.

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