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Cameroon : Dozens students from Ngoa-Ekelle CETIC, has been dismissed

According to our sources, the Department of Industrial and Commercial Technical Education College (CETIC) in Ngoa-Ekelle, Yaoundé, has already dismissed dozens of students because of the consumption of narcotics.
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04/24/2019 - 22:32
Mike Biya
Rédacteur cameroun-online

The fight against drug use in schools is effective at CETIC Ngoa-Ekelle Yaounde. Since taking office at the College of Industrial Technical and Commercial Education, Christine Enyegue is fighting mercilessly against the students who engage in the consumption of tramadol, hemp, cocaine and other drugs. To date, there are dozens of students sent back for having consumed narcotics.

The drug policy is in force at CETIC. Systematic digs take place every morning. Before entering the room, each student has the duty to reveal the contents of his binder. Whoever refuses this exercise is simply repressed. During the courses, excavations are made. To make tracking more effective, video surveillance has been adopted at Ngoa-Ekelle's CETIC.

The cameras are used to identify, the smart guys who sway the drug in a corner of the establishment before engaging in control. The awareness sessions take place regularly at the Ngoa-Ekelle Industrial and Commercial Technical College. A management unit has been set up by the Directorate to deal with recalcitrant students.

The results of the drug policy at Ngoa-Ekelle's CETIC are encouraging. The number of acts of violence has decreased. The performances of the pupils are clearly improving. However, some irreducible do not want to be tied to the new dynamic driven by the CETIC supervisors. Despite threats and provocations, the fight against the consumption of narcotics continues its merry way. 

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