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Cameroon - Public Procurement : Ibrahim TALBA MALLA suspends several companies deemed unscrupulous from the public order

There is a total of 334 concerned by this measure, which lasts two years. The official list of these providers was made public last Tuesday in Yaounde.
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05/22/2019 - 17:59
Christine MBENGONO
CAMEROUN-Marchés publics : Ibrahim TALBA MALLA suspend plusieurs entreprises jugées indélicates de la commande publique

The public procurement sector in Cameroon is still sad, with all sorts of slowness, which greatly dilutes the ambitions of modernism that have been trumpeted in official discourse, but which are fleeing the realm of concrete achievements. All over the country, in fact, work sites are either abandoned or unfinished and are replete with projects that are expected in their final phase of operationalization.

To date, almost no promised infrastructure has yet reached the full extent of the expected maturation. This same, despite some strong actions that the government said to take to solve the problem, as it is observed every day that passes, through suspensions administered to some of the companies, considered to be insincere in the realization of these public orders. Thus, a few days ago in Yaounde, the current Minister of Public Procurement, Ibrahim TALBA MALLA rose on the sled, suspending more than 300 companies from the submission to the public commission, for a period of two years. According to the government, these companies are guilty of having abandoned the markets allocated to them during the years 2014 to 2017. Actions of the most cosmetics, similar to those taken by NGANOU DJOUMESSI less than three years ago, of which one could have shown the lack of effectiveness, in a context where all actors agree to point the finger at the state that does not respect these commitments.

What will this additional output change in the current practice of public order executions? not much considering what is happening on the ground. Because, we still remember these 150 companies permanently excluded in 2015, the submission to public orders, without this has a certain impact on the ground. Why then think that this time will be the right one? this is the whole question to be clarified for the days to come.

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