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Literature: the writer Guillaume OYONO MBIA

Guillaume OYONO MBIA is a Cameroonian writer born March 2, 1939 in Mvoutessi II, district of the commune of Zoétélé in the region of South Cameroon
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07/02/2019 - 15:35
Christine MBENGONO
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Son of a farmer, the playwright and storyteller Guillaume OYONO MBIA taught at the Evangelical College of Libamba after high school and, having obtained a scholarship, went to study philosophy in England. He later taught at the faculty of letters of Yaounde. His radio play "Until New Opinion" received the first prize in a competition organized by the BBC. He also published "Our daughter will not marry", "The special train of his Excellency" and the "Chronicles of Mvoutessi".

This writer of Cameroonian works of art, inspired and very talented is an excellent feather by his ability to reveal the evils that undermine the Cameroonian society in particular and all Africa in general. Through his works, Guillaume also educates his readers by speaking about the human reality, the real facts and presenting scenes of life through his theatrical works.

Thus on 01/08/1985 he published a theatrical work titled "Three suitors a husband" where he will lay bare a common scourge in Africa that is early marriage. This highly read work has made him a hero of African feminine emancipation. In this work, through his main character Juliet, this Playwright presents a real fact that destroys the entire African youth; all this by advocating freedom and living together. A work remained for a long time in the program of the classes of the 1st cycle.

Evelyne Mpoudi Ngole, Adamou Ndam Njoya, Remy Medou Mvomo ... are some of the writers who are also the pride of Cameroon.

Tell us in comment, what Cameroonian writer has marked you.

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