C’est en sa qualité de président de l’Union pour la Fraternité et la Prospérité (Ufp) que le Dr Olivier Bile a organisé hier 10 novembre 2020 à Yaoundé, capitale politique du Cameroun, une conférence de presse.

Pour le président de l’Union pour la Fraternité et la Prospérité (UFP), ” Il faut arranger le Cameroun”, “car la responsabilité des principaux acteurs en conflit est partagée dans ces tribulations qui ébranlent considérablement notre pays. Cela nous permettra assurément de déboucher l’avenir du Cameroun” martèle l’homme politique.

L’intégralité de ses propos

“Camerounaises, Camerounais. Après la tragédie de Kumba qui nous a tous plongés dans l’horreur tout en nous donnant une petite idée de ce qui se passe dans les situations de guerre civile généralisée, mon message est le suivant : Arrangeons le pays, Arrangeons le Cameroun !”


Fellow Cameroonians, after the tragedy in Kumba which has plunged us into horror with a little idea of ​​what happens in the generalized civil war situations, my message is as follows: Let’s fix our country, Cameroon!

Our reactions of indignation, individual or collective, whatever the intensity, will be useless if we don’t mobilize to solve the multiple problems that plague our country. After the time of this indignation and words of compassion, here comes the time to do something consensual to get our country out of this critical dead end in which it is stuck.


Dear fellow citizens, since the time of the 2018 presidential election, I have voluntarily sidelined myself from the political life from the political events in Cameroon, marked by many crises. From the security crisis in the Far North and East regions, passing through the socio-political and security crisis in the North West and South West regions, to the relative post-election crisis in the 2018 presidential election, is a considerable national unity crisis that threatens to undermine and jeopardize the spirit of consciousness, solidarity and national fraternity, laboriously and patiently built during over six decades.
Political and social tribalism is at its height. Hatred of one another and the failure to identify with each other has reached unprecedented levels. Violence and barbarism exacerbated in the NOSO including cold-blooded murdered of school going in Kumba, remind us of the dark era of the Rwandan genocide as well as those of events of the same nature elsewhere in Africa And in the world. Cameroon is now far from the status of haven of peace and stability that she was so proud of in the past.

My relative distance with regard to our political scene was already motivated by the desire to retreat from the daily routines of a politician, in order to meditate the problems that have become more complex and sensitive. This deep reflection could not continue in a posture of neutrality in the face of battles and political conflicts in different spheres. It was indeed to me very early, despite my natural belonging at the camp of the ‘proposition of an alternative policy, ‘that we cannot bring credible solution to a conflict by being judge and party. This is the reason why I have made the choice to decline the kind offers and proposals from all sides that were made to us. In this ‘retreat’, my reflection then led me to identify the fundamental problems listed below as the causes of the multifaceted tribulations, disorders and crises within the “Cameroon” house. At the end of 2020, while the previous electoral cycle is in the process of coming to an end, these problems impose on us all, from North to South and East to West, to have a sense of responsibility and patriotism so, all together, we can engage resolutely and honestly to ‘fix the country’. This is an imperative for all, because the responsibility of main players in conflict is shared in these tribulations that shake considerably our country. This will allow us, undoubtedly, to lead the future of Cameroon. This unblocking, I firmly believe, will be thanks to the necessary extent: rapid putting in place of a transient government of public salvation , restoration of national reforms incorporating a wide range of living forces of the country in a spirit of reconciliation. This government will have as mission to formulate and implement, in a systematic approach, implementing the following reforms:

1. Streamlining the current political and electoral systems: The dismantling of a state-party system; the deep review of the electoral code; criminalization of corruption and electoral fraud; stringent regulation of civil servants, public officials and politcal leaders; the neutrality of election organizers; the organization of democratic institutions; the restructuring of our political school of thought, that is to say on ideological basis in order to reduce the spectrum of tribalism, etc.

2.Streamlining the current institutional and security situations: Put in place appropriate institutional policies and reforms for lasting and definitive resolution of the crisis of NOSO; detribalization of socio-political life, economic and media; the neutrality of all the institutions involved in political life and electoral processes; meritocracy and respect regulating access to recruitments and competitions in public and parapublic sectors, etc.

3. Streamlining the current monetary, economic and social situations
This will involve engaging an educational action intended to raise awareness and educate our populations on the eventual monetary emancipation of the country, prerequisite for its socioeconomic growth, sustainable peace and prosperity.
Beyond sound national sovereignty, is social and economic infrastructures. The action will aim here to draft the measurements to achieve “the Cameroonian miracle ”. This will in turn revolutionize our country, facilitate the feeling of national belonging. It will be a question of orienting Cameroon towards its natural destiny of a country where milk and honey flow.

4. Let’s form this government of national unity and public salvation
Gathering most living forces and children of the country, this government will aim to pacify and discipline our way of life through the formulation and implementation of socio-political reforms as mentioned above. Such are, it seems to me, some themes and axes which can restore the social bond by bringing together the whole national community to arrange the whole country. Faced with events in Kumba, we have all the imperious duty of quiting our behavior and usual mentalities, because infinitely more perils and tragedies lie in wait for our country.


Since we agree with this major goal to fix the country through the measures outlined above, each Cameroonian citizen is invited to perform the following symbolic and peaceful acts:
“Acquire and wear at least every Monday of the week, the T-shirt or polo shirt bearing the slogan: “Let’s Fix Cameroon ’(LFC). The initiative has as objective to encourage, incite and motivate the Head of State of Cameroon, in his position as patriarch of the nation, to form a government of national unity and public safety. This incentive will then come from people deep in all its diversity.We must not underestimate the realities and perils of of the present context. I think that the time has come to address them with courage, solidarity and benevolence for the present and future generations. That he allows me, to appeal to all people of goodwill to provide their support to the present initiative to which are committed my image and my personality.
Finally, considering that no election can objectively take place in the present conditions, that is, without the implementation of essential reforms cited above, my conclusion is a call to all Cameroonians wielding positions of responsibilities, so that this great initiative can materialize. Let’s fix our country, Cameroon! I extend my heartfelt compassion to bereaved families of the sad event in Kumba.
God bless our country Cameroon in restoring justice, Truth, Love, Integrity and Prosperity!

Olivier BILE

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