The President of MPDR, Prof. Shanda Tonme who was surrounded by some of his close collaborators received today, 20 November 2020, the President of the Cameroonian Democratic Front (FDC), Mr. Denis Emilien Atangana, accompanied by high-level collaborators.

The meeting of the two political parties is part of the fraternal and patriotic contacts initiated by MPDR with all political parties in the country, with a view to promoting dialogue and reconciliation, and especially rallying the maximum number of actors on the national scene, to the idea of peace, the principle of appeasement and the pooling of efforts in this direction.

MPDR appreciates the openness, availability and frank and sincere commitment of the FDC to implement appropriate strategies aimed at reconciling the sons and daughters of our country, and banishing the speech of hatred, fear, rumours, invectives and lies.

MPDR commends FDC for its successes on the ground, including the demonstration of its strong and successful presence in the campaigns of the February 2020 twin legislative and municipal elections.

MPDR sees this posture as proof of real maturity at a time when some parties are preaching a bleak future and threatening to attack the stability of institutions, as well as the security of goods and persons, all this in a warmongering speech and remarks that are far removed from the mores of conviviality of the majority of our compatriots.

The President of MPDR would like to recall, and congratulate himself, so that no one will be unaware of it, that the FDC President, as a former head of the student’s union, is well trained

and rooted in public, organisational and social action right from the grassroots. This is the only source, the only healthy and safe way, for the emergence of great politicians, especially progressive politicians. Everything else, that is to say, sudden political vocations, without a basis for training and learning how to mobilise people for public interest, for the concerns of the masses and for collective vision, is mere smoke, sycophancy and even feymania. Tell us which association, community group, and trade union you have led and how you have led it, and we will tell you what kind of politician you are.

MPDR and FDC further reaffirm their commitment to republican institutions and to the rule of law without any preconditions. The political destiny of the country cannot, in any way, depend on the level of violence secreted or dreamed of by some persons, or does it depend on the sedentary and extroverted and unrealistic ambitions of others. Politics is not a pilgrimage of the midnight owls, it is a complete art of social vision and projection of people’s destiny.

MPDR is solemnly making it known to the public that it does not discriminate in its contacts. Its hand is extended to everyone, to all political parties as well as to all bona fide opinion leaders, in quest of dialogue and reconciliation. Those who continue to seek to know the sex of angels, how the future government will look like or the date of the death of some personalities of the Republic, in order to make up their minds, will be forever disillusioned. They are not reading time well or they understand nothing about Cameroonian society.

MPDR points out that in this respect, requests for meetings have been duly addressed to most of the active and recognised political parties, but even simple acknowledgement of receipt has not been received from some of them. Nevertheless, we will insist on continuing these contacts and will reiterate our requests as necessary. We hope that those who are being ostracized by those who see themselves governing the country will soon come to their senses. When one works for dialogue, one does not get discouraged, one moves forward, one shakes down the walls of incomprehension, one does not look at one’s self-esteem, because peace is priceless, and the destiny of a nation is above all egos.

Above all, MPDR reminds us that dialogue, as long as it is indeed to build the country and not to destroy it, is and will necessarily be done, absolutely with everyone, with all the actors, including those who give criminal slogans and who are hiding in the dark, including those who stir up hatred in social networks.

1 –On the crisis in the South and North West Regions

For MPDR, the position of all compatriots who are genuinely committed to peace and justice cannot be otherwise but to preach, wish and encourage all efforts leading to peace. There is no room for baseless speculation, for example, on external inputs to achieve reconciliation between brothers, sisters, sons and daughters of the same nation. We have always advocated and will continue to advocate realism, honesty and truthfulness as the first conditionalities to emerge from this crisis.

MPDR would like to point out that the cost of this crisis is becoming unbearable, affecting all parts of the national economy, wiping out the efforts of many families and ruining many projects, not to mention the reluctance of investors. Both Regions are now completely devastated. Almost all the major companies and industries have closed down. For example, the

CDC, the country’s leading provider of jobs, nearly twenty thousand, is practically at a standstill.

2 – On the issue of the negotiations themselves

Today, we must all recognise that not everyone really wants peace. Many persons, networks of influence, big executives, big masked clerks, exiles and so on, militate for chaos and activate strategies of disorder. These persons are not motivated by the search for happiness in our country, but simply by the conquest of power, which they want to pick up from the ground like rotten fruit.

MPDR would like to point out that in principle, Cameroon does not have more problems and is not in more crisis than many other countries. But, those who should be moving the lines are dragging their feet or playing a game of waiting for foreign orders and support. This is deplorable.

3 – The issue of amnesty

MPDR has taken note of the issue of amnesty raised by his Eminence, Cardinal Christian Tumi. Should we take seriously the injunctions made to the government in this sense, and believe in the angels who would immediately stop the attacks on schools and the destruction of infrastructure? If there are pledges, then we encourage all and sundry, but we must explain to the parents of murdered schoolchildren, the motives for such crimes, and how one comes to forget about it and to draw a line in history.

MPDR subscribes, as a matter of principle, to any consensual approach to appeasement and by all means and in all ways. However, it should be clear, that the Cameroon Government is not primarily responsible for the violence, and furthermore that there is nothing in the organization of the institutions of the Republic which predisposes violence. The interlocutors of the invisible actors must be able to convince them to abandon the paths of violence in order to resolve to sit around a table. There is therefore an urgent need to effectively identify the perpetrators of assassinations, destruction and threats against public figures.

4 – On the form of the State

MPDR stresses that, as soon as the government’s approach envisages major reforms in the practice of management of relations between the State and the citizens, there is reason to support this positive development. The very next Regional Elections objectively offer us such an opportunity and this is to be welcomed. Furthermore, there can be no question of overthrowing the republican institutions by force, under the pretext of satisfying the aspirations of the Cameroonian people. It is out of the question, it is dangerous, it is unacceptable and potentially a source of great disorder.

5 – On football management

We would not be so concerned if we did not have international deadlines in sight.

MPDR has said it and is repeating it, that the work done by the current FECAFOOT team seems to us to be very appreciable, even worthy. The institution should be able to have its hands effectively free to continue working in the direction that has already produced results. Of course, dialogue remains indispensable to rally all the stakeholders, so as to find an everlasting consensus.

MPDR regrets that one of the most emblematic figures in the history of construction, training and stabilisation of our valiant and glorious defence forces is mixed up in this sporting unpleasantness. The place of such a great icon is elsewhere, to preserve all that he has done for the nation, and so that the younger generations do not have another distorted image of his stature.

6 – On the attempted murder of Mr Elimbi Lobè.

MPDR is really worried that this kind of criminal aggression is possible, and strongly wishes a speedy recovery to our compatriot who is also assuming a political office in the great economic metropolis as deputy mayor of Douala 5. It is necessary that everyone should be able to express their opinions without fear of being attacked or killed. Paul Biya said: “It is no longer necessary to go underground to express your ideas”. In return, a certain reserve is necessary in the often deviant speeches that increasingly tarnish the television stations. Mr. Elimbi is an eminent and eloquent politician, whose ideas may appear shocking to some, but he must be recognised for his strength of conviction and a certain efficiency in his arguments.

MPDR in this same logic, regrets the assassination of the first deputy mayor of Bangassina in Yaounde last weekend in his residence, in front of his wife and children. Our police and gendarmerie forces have repeatedly shown that they are able to find the criminals who committed such barbaric and evil acts. We are waiting.

MPDR sends its fraternal condolences to the family and to the community of elected officials of his administrative unit.

7 – On the so-called Douala Young Lawyers Case

MPDR expresses its deep regret that this kind of scene is possible, with consequences and implications that many do not seem to appreciate. This case raises many questions that call for urgent and relevant answers. Nothing in each other’s statutes can support corruption and blatant deontological deviations, and nothing can pardon the responsibility and sanctions resulting from their actions. Lawyers, Magistrates, all the known, functional and operational corps instituted and listed by our system of governance are bound to obey the law, regulatory codes of conduct, and to observe in good faith the standards and practices enshrined in their profession, on the one hand, and governed explicitly or implicitly by the authority of the State, on the other.

MPDR would like to recall that in no system of governance is the courthouse a State within the State free from public trusteeship and police power, and furthermore that the Lawyer’s Robe, like the doctor’s gown or the professor’s robe, is not, cannot be and will never be a cloak to provide immunity from the regalian obligations of maintaining order, protecting and preserving

the security of persons and property in all places and in all courtrooms, chambers and coffers of the Republic.

MPDR recalls to this effect, that the best testimony is the case of the diplomatic pouch. In principle it is inviolable, but it becomes automatically accessible by any official with public order, powers, in the event of mere suspicion of its use for illegal, immoral purposes contrary to the provisions of the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

8 – On the responsibility of the media

MPDR would like to note again and again, and to deplore it, the ease with which certain media engage in insinuations that can be assimilated literally and figuratively, to the promotion of hatred, invitation to misfortune, to the destruction of our society and installation of a climate of fear. Many media openly work for an opposition of destruction and crime. The foreigner who arrives in Cameroon for the first time will wonder for whom our media is working, and especially whether the preservation of tranquillity, self-confidence and social peace is their primary motivation. Many recite, all day long, what is bad in the country, while others invite to television stations, fishermen in troubled waters in search of fame who the use eloquent speech. The rule seems to be reputation of the level of displayed wickedness and the degree of offensive temperament. It is deplorable, unacceptable and shameful.

9 – On the caravan of dialogue and peace initiated by Sawa dignitaries.

MPDR received the information with excitement and joy, and already thanks the wise men of the Sawa community for this initiative which joins and amplifies our efforts.

MPDR invites all peace-loving and justice-loving compatriots, all friends of Cameroon as well as anonymous persons concerned about stability, peace and understanding between the brothers and sisters of this country, to openly and concretely support this initiative.

MPDR is recommending to dignitaries from all other Regions of the country to resolutely engage in similar initiatives without delay and awaken all the energies of their various elite to invest in this noble cause.

At the International Level

MPDR deeply regrets the on-going civil war in Ethiopia, where the Federal Government has sent Federal troops to put an end to the hunger for war in the Tigray region (5% of the population). It is hoped that the war will end very quickly, and above all, that the paths of dialogue will prevail in the end so that the integrity of this vast country of one hundred million souls is preserved. The main revelation of this war is undoubtedly in the lessons that federalism shows us about the ambitions of political actors whose agendas are never in line with the real aspirations of the people. We see here that, despite almost having a perfect federalism, adventurers eventually still merge to show they are winning, or even simply to bring out unhealthy ambitions and projects.

MPDR notes with bitterness, the situation created and maintained by the outgoing President of the United States, who more than two weeks after the elections, is slow to acknowledge his defeat and congratulate his winner. Unfortunately, we have not heard the other powers, usually very interventionist when it comes to the countries of the South, demanding the departure of the defeated President, with arrogance, haste and promises of sanctions.

MPDR nevertheless remains confident in the strength of the United States’ federal institutions, and in the ability of the American people to resolve their problems without outside interference, including problems arising from accusations of electoral fraud.

MPDR learned with the same sorrow as other Africans of the death in Turkey of former Malian President, Amadou Toumani Touré, nicknamed “the soldier of democracy”, and offers its condolences to the Malian Government, the Malian people and the immediate family of the departed President.

MPDR is observing with attention and serenity, the developments towards the stabilisation underway in Côte d’Ivoire, after the Presidential Election of 31 October 2020, which saw the victory of the outgoing President. The resurgence of abject speech on exclusion through the notion of being an Ivorian, seems to be moving away for the moment, despite a few attempts quickly mastered by the country’s defence and security forces which are well trained and empowered. Côte d’Ivoire has therefore not burned as some perverse minds wished, and will not burn. This is really good news for the stability of the entire sub-region, despite the fact that more than one and a half million citizens were unable to vote because of the subversive activities of an opposition that wanted to plunge the country back into the martyrdom of blood and civil war.

MPDR urges the re-elected President and his government to do their utmost to bring about peace, and welcomes the meeting that took place between President Alassane Dramane Ouattara and former President Henri Konan Bédié. Similarly, the issuing of giving passports to former President Laurent Gbagbo and his former protégé and former Minister of Youth, leader of the violent and genocidal patriots, Blé Goudé, is a step in the right direction. It is hoped that their return to their country will take place in tranquillity, and moreover that wisdom will henceforth inhabit all their political acts and projects.

Long live dialogue and reconciliation,

Long live peace in Cameroon,

Long live the friendship between the MPDR and the FDC,

Long live Cameroon.

Yaounde, 20 November 2020


The President, Universal Mediator

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