The General Manager of the National Blood Transfusion Centre in Cameroon (CNTS) has lamented over the ignorance and the slow pace at which blood transfusion is known by Cameroonians. In an exclusive interview, Prof. Dora Mbanya revealed the state and location of blood transfusion in Cameroon and its perspectives.

What is the state and location of
blood transfusion in Cameroon?

Blood transfusion in Cameroon should normally be a centrally coordinated
activity, and it is in 2019 that the Head of State signed a decree to that
effect and the first Director General whom I am was only appointed in 2020, and
I took service in September. So it has been a very short stay there but what I
can tell you is that we still have a long way to go.  At the moment, it is less than 25% of blood
unit collected from our population based on WHO recommendations, and so the
state is not yet up to it but hopefully we will get there. At the moment we are
lodged just behind the Red Cross building, but there the centre will be
constructed hopefully in 2022 at Carrefour Wada.

 What analysis do you make of this inventory?

This was a platform that we called it a coordination platform of all the
actors of transfusion in Cameroon. The
Francais De Sang was there, as zell as other organizations
like Expertise France, the World Health Organisation, and the Islamic Development. We were normally
supposed to have Safe Blood for Africa,
the UNFPA and the CDC, but they were not presented. But however, I think the
discussions were very fruitful. It is the very first time the platform is
meeting, and I think it is very important that we all concert our energies and
our resources towards providing safe and adequate blood for Cameroonians. So I
think it was very useful as a platform for discussion.

What will you say about the evolution
of blood donation in Cameroon?

Well the culture of donating blood voluntarily is not very inculcated in
the Cameroonian and it is just a question of continuous education and
sensitization. They are small efforts especially because we have associations.
There are now a lot of associations that are supported by the Ministry of
Public Health who go out of their way to try to campaign for blood donation and
blood collection. So I think with that and with the support from the Minister
of Public Health, we can get going. These associations receive about FCFA40
million a year. With these associations coming up and with all what I know the
National Blood Transfusion Service too will do as well as with the support we
are getting from AFD,  Agence
Francaise de Development
, we will certainly do better.  These associations are also giving a lot of
support towards mobilizing and sensitizing for blood collection in the country.
So I think with all of that we bound to move fort.

What should the nation be expecting
from the corporation between the ministry of Public Health and the National
Transfusion Program Expertise France, and all those actors involved?

With all the actors put together, the Ministry of Public Health is
actually our technical guardian, so they will orientate us from the technical
perspectives. We are the operational body and if we were to concert our ideas
with all these partners put together, I am sure that the relationship will be
strong and positively fruitful for the availability in Cameroon.


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