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Cameroon : Government rejects request of a ​​meeting Kamto - Paul Biya

The spokesman of the Cameroonian Government, rejected Tuesday the request of the opponent Maurice Kamto, to meet and discuss with the President of the Republic, Paul Republic, Paul Biya.
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03/20/2019 - 12:31
Mike Biya
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 "President Biya can not be considered on an equal level with Mr. Kamto, who is a citizen  like everyone else. I think he must stop considering himself as an alter ego " said the minister. of the communication, during an interview given to Radio France Internationale, this Tuesday, March 19, 2019.

By this pithy statement, the spokesman of the Government rejected the request of the opponent Maurice Kamto, to meet and discuss with President Paul Biya. A request reported by his lawyer, Me Dupont-Moretti, during a press conference last Saturday.

According to the French lawyer, Maurice Kamto, currently judged at the Military Court of Yaoundé for "insurrection, rebellion and hostility against the motherland", "is quite ready to discuss with President Paul Biya".

But Mr. Dupont-Moretti did not stop there. Calling on the "wisdom" of the Yaounde regime, and inviting him to "free" his client. Better still, the member of the legal college of Maurice Kamo and his 160 other co-defendants called the power to find solutions to get out of a "ubiquitous situation", describing the current procedure of "political trial".

Words that go wrong at the Minister of Communication, René Emmanuel Sadi. "We deplore the condescension and the remarks made by Mr. Moretti whose reading of the facts or the version he received is completely false. Anything that causes him to move away from the legal ground to engage on political considerations, "he said.

For the spokesman of the Government, "the charges and detention of Maurice Kamto and his supporters are clear and comply with the laws and regulations of Cameroon. They can not therefore be described as arbitrary or ubiquitous, as Mr Moretti has peremptorily asserted".

For the record, the president of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon, Maurice Kamto, who came second at the end of the Presidential election of October 2018, still challenges the re-election of President Paul Biya, credited with 71.28% of the votes by the Constitutional Council. The opponent was arrested on February 28, with 160 other supporters of his party, on the sidelines of demonstrations (February 26) prohibited by the authorities. At the same time, Cameroon's embassies in Paris and Berlin were ransacked by demonstrators close to the MRC, according to the regime.

Since then, Maurice Kamto has been detained in Yaoundé's main prison. "I wish to say a few things to President Biya; I do not want to put oil on the fire; but I also want to respect my rights, " he instructed his French council to convey.

"We ask Mr. Moretti that he did not come to Cameroon that he did not come to Cameroon as a mediator, who, moreover, denies himself to be a lecturer or an arsonist, to stick strictly to the mission that is his. That is to say, to defend his clients before the Cameroonian courts, and not to echo inept arguments or surreal claims about an alleged victory stolen from Mr. Kamto ", hammered the spokesman of the Government, René Emmanuel Sadi.