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Cameroon : The "White Steps" of the CRM party prohibited

The prefect of the department of Mfoundi, Jean Claude Tsila in a statement released on January 24, 2019, banned the public demonstrations of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM), scheduled for January 26 and February 09, 2019.
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01/25/2019 - 14:57
Mike Biya
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The city of Yaoundé could experience violent clashes between the militants of the MRC and the police next Saturday. Announced with great fanfare for several weeks on social networks and in the media, the great march of activists and supporters of the MRC has been finally banned by the administrative authority of Mfoundi.

In a statement published on January 24, Jean Claude Tsila warns the inhabitants of his department by recalling that "demonstrations of a vindictive nature remain prohibited on the entire department of Mfoundi".

At the same time, the prefect invites the people of the political capital "to show, as in the past, maturity, patriotism and civility; And not to lend the flank to these slogans at least irresponsible and seditious whose implementation can not leave us indifferent", can we read in the document.

A ban that the National President of the CTM, Maurice Kamto and his activists, intend to brave tomorrow Saturday, by walking massively in the streets of the city to the seven hills to demonstrate peacefully.

"Walking is a constitutional right. The agitation of a retired prefect can not distract us from our goal. We are already pleased that he is advertising on the national media and we invite him to the march. We will march for the best interests of Cameroonians, " promised the National Secretary for Communication of the CRM, Sosthène Médard Lipot. 

The "white steps", initiated by Maurice KAMTO, candidate who officially came second in the presidential election of 07 October 2018, are divided into two phases. The first phase for January 26, in the main cities of the country and the second for February 09, 2019, both in Cameroon and at the level of the diaspora before the country's diplomatic missions abroad, the seats of the African Union (AU), the European Parliament and the United Nations (UN).

The main demands of these peaceful marches relate to the "electoral hold-up" so much criticized by the MRC which calls for a recount of the votes, the civil war in the North-West and the South-West, the consensual reform of the electoral system and the bad management of public funds in the context of the 2019 African Cup of Nations (CAN), originally planned in Cameroon.

The ban to publicly demonstrate the CRM could give rise to a scenario similar to that of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) of January 23 in the city of Douala, during which the deputy Jean Michel Nintcheu and the vice president of the party, Joshua Osih have been arrested by elements of forces and law enforcement.


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