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Cameroon : Reduced clearance time for containers at the Douala Port

In its 2011-2018 report, the Autonomous Port of Douala claims that the period of clearance of export containers is below the 7-day regulatory exemption.
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01/14/2019 - 17:47
Mike Biya
Rédacteur cameroun-online

 Besides this performance is very appreciated by economic operators, it should be noted that the waiting time of container ships to the basic buoy is zero. At the beginning of the year, the port authority was committed to effectively combat the saturation of wood and container terminals. The export fleet occupancy rate was 130%. Gantry yard yields were very weak.

The waiting time of the ships at the buoy went beyond a fortnight. The average transit time of the export containers on the terminal was around 17 days. The normal delay is below 8 days. To modernize the operations, the gabelous working at the Autonomous Port of Douala are committed to simplify boarding procedures. The analysis of the scanner images in the pre-boarding has been canceled.

The PAD provides a large part of the national port traffic of Cameroon. The Autumn Port of Douala serves Chad and the Central African Republic. Operations for these two countries are governed by special agreements. Exports and imports to CAR and Chad benefit from preferential tariffs. The PAD was born from a split that involved the National Ports Authority of Cameroon.