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Cameroon : 3.9% growth in the second quarter of 2018

The second quarter of 2018 is marked by growth in economic activity compared to the corresponding quarter of 2017.
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01/14/2019 - 15:44
Mike Biya
Rédacteur cameroun-online

On the supply side, all industries in the primary sector performed well, with the exception of industrial and export agriculture. The highlight is the continued growth in the secondary sector which breaks with the decline observed in the fourth quarter of 2017. Certain industries have brought growth in this sector. This is the case of construction activities (construction) and other manufacturing industries.

These include wood processing, beverage manufacturing, crude oil refining and rubber production. On the other hand, the decline in "crude oil" and "agri-food" activities slowed growth in this sector. Finally, all industries in the tertiary sector make positive contributions to growth. This sector has been driven by activities in three areas.

These are trade and repair, professional business services and transportation. Improved economic growth is supported by final consumption and private investment. This trend is slowed down by a 10.8% decline in volume of exports and an increase in volume of 8.3% of imports. Thus, the quarter ended with a trade balance still deteriorating.