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Cameroon : Paul Biya hooked on the CAN

In his speech of December 31, 2018, President Paul Biya specified that all the projects related to the organization of the CAN will be realized.
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01/03/2019 - 13:54
christian djantio

«As you know, our country was committed to hosting the big meeting of African football in 2019. The Confederation of African Football, based on some data, thought it was necessary to make a date shift. We took note of it. As I said before, all investments related to CAN will be made. »These words of the Cameroonian Head of State, prove that he does not intend to throw in the towel.

The occupant of the Palace of the Unit asks its employees to remain mobilized so that ultimately, the modernization of road, rail, hospital and national sports related to the African Cup of Nations (CAN) will materialize. In the opinion of the promoter of great opportunities, Cameroon deserves it. In his message to the Nation, the President mentioned other topics.

Safety first in 2019 According to NNom Ngii, security is a priority in the 2019 agenda. The situation is stabilized in the Far North and under control at the eastern border, this is the context prevailing in the north-west and south regions. -West that will retain most of the presidential attention during this year. The supreme magistrate says he feels the greatest solicitude towards the populations of the English-speaking part of Cameroon.

The President of the Republic says he is very sensitive to their concerns about their security and their aspirations for a return to calm and a normal social life. Speaking of secessionists, the Cameroonian number declares : « If the call to lay down the weapons that I launched to war contractors remains unanswered, the defense and security forces will be instructed to neutralize them. »

Promotion of the spirit of concord

The Renewal's parent states that he is aware of the desolation that the insurgents inflict on the populations of the South West and North West. The man emphasizes that this situation can not last anymore. In a spirit of national harmony, Paul Biya decided, to avoid the use of extreme measures, to create a National Disarmament Demobilization and Reintegration Committee (CNDDR).

The man of November 6, 1982 think that in 2019, it will be also essential to reinforce the growth rate of Cameroon. Thanks to the measures taken by the government, the economy is recovering little by little. But this year, we will have to do more to stay on the trajectory of emergence. Emergence must be erected as a "national cause. » « The coming years will be decisive for achieving this goal, »launches his excellence Paul Biya.